The HPT Aracore® yarns are designed to provide maximum protection against thermal and mechanical hazards (cut, slash, lacerations). These composite yarns are manufactured using para-aramid fibres blended with other inherent flame-retardant fibres (such as meta-aramid, FR viscose, modacrylic, polyamide-imide, FR nylon, FR polyester) and reinforced with high strength filaments*.

Fibres used: meta-aramid, para-aramid, e-glass, modacrylic, Fr viscose, Fr-Polyester, Preox; stainless steel;

Suitable: Weaving, Knitting, Braiding;

Tex range: 10-250 (2 or 3 ply available as per requirements)

*Indian Provisional Patent Application No. 202011004920

Protection against flash fire – HPT Aracore® “Prahlad”

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