The HPT Savesplash® yarn is designed to provide protection against electric arc flash fire. These yarns are manufactured using unique blend of inherent flame-retardant and high performance fibres in certain proportion*. The finished products are tested as per ASTM-F1959 and achieve HRC level 2,3 and 4.

Suitable: Weaving, Knitting, Braiding;

Tex range: 45-300;

Colours available: Maroon, Orange and Black.

*Indian Provisional Patent Application No. 201911016122

Arc-flash rating of Savesplash® fabric and gloves

*ASTM F2675/ F2675M—13

Standard Test Method for determining Arc Ratings of Hand Protective Products Developed and used for Electrical Arc Flash Protection.

Note: The test performed does not apply to electrical contact or electrical shock Hazard.

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